Meet George


meet george

As an active member of the Chicago comic book community for almost three decades, George Munoz knows his comics. 

While his extensive knowledge of comics has made him a trivia all-star many times over (despite his lack-luster handwriting), bragging rights aren’t enough for George; he was determined to find another way to give back to the community that continues to give him so much joy. George, the previous owner of Chicago mainstay Windy City Comics, is passionate about drawing attention to unique and diverse voices in the comic book industry. This passion led to the creation of RetCon – a Chicago comic book convention dedicated to featuring minority artists.

George is committed to giving other members of the comic book community a voice. Insightful and meaningful conversation about comics brings the community together, and while other conventions have deviated to focus on pop culture fandoms, George wants to return the focus back to comic books and the artists that make them.

He loves strong character development and has a growing appreciation for graphic novels. Ask him his opinions about Batman – you won’t be disappointed.