Kids Activities


Kids Activities

At RETCon we want to make sure there is plenty of fun for the whole family! That is why kids under the age of 10 can attend RETCon for free. On our mezzanine you will be able to find all kinds of fun activities to do with the kids.


Custom Buttons

Join Busy Beaver as you make buttons out of some of your favorite super-heroes!! This will be your opportunity to have a one of a kind button that you yourself made!!


Custom Masks

Have you ever dreamed of being a super-hero? Swinging from rooftop to rooftop alongside Spider-Man or Catwoman? Make your own super-hero mask and you'll be one step closer to your dreams!! Can't have the bad guys knowing who you are!!


Face Painting

If masks are not enough of a disguise, and you really want to keep your identity a secret, have our talented face painter transform you into a never before seen super-hero!!


Photo Booth

After you've created your super-hero identity, swing on over to our photo booth and strike a pose for justice!! (Don't worry! We promise to keep your identities secret. No villain will ever know who you are!!)

Photo by smiltena/iStock / Getty Images


Super Hero Bingo

This isn't just plain ol' boring bingo!! This is SUPER-HERO BINGO!! Have some fun and win some cool prizes!!


Make Your Own Comic Book

Bring your imagination to life by making your own comic!! Will you be the next Jack Kirby?(Sorry kids! You may not know who Jack "The King" Kirby is, but you should!! Have your parents look him up with you and see the splendor that is Kirby, the man who created most of your favorite super-heroes!!)