chaotic good

Chaotic Good

Meet Jo March

Hi there, all! I'm Jo and I'll be writing a regular column for Retcon called Chaotic Good. We've all seen plenty of great posts calling out issues in the fandom community. While those pieces are useful and have caused real change, I wanted to create a space where we can acknowledge the times when geek culture gets it right: the times when representation is actually representative, when empathy rules above stereotyping, and when the diversity of human experience is respected. In short: when good triumphs over the not-so-good! Chaotic Good will bring you regular examples of these cases. 

A short about me: My background in geekdom is entirely non-professional, aside from writing a casual games review column for the site in the past. But I've been interested in books, comics, video games, TV, movies, and basically any other culture I could consume since I was a child. I take pride in my hobbies and my, as Lisa Simpson once put it, "nerdish leanings", and love to share my thoughts about those things with others. I'm also a strident, loud, sometimes (okay, often) angry feminist who believes in intersectionality, which is where this column comes into play.